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Welcome to the Co-Reg Community


What is Self-Reg?

Shanker Self-Reg® is a process for enhancing self-regulation by understanding and dealing with stress. In Self-Reg we consider both our responses to stress and our underlying state of energy and tension when we encounter stress.


What is the Co-Reg Community?

The Co-Reg Community is an online space bringing together Self-Reggers from around the world. Using commenting, liking and sharing features, explore the extensive library of video, graphic and blog content, post in the Co-Reg Community forum, and interact with your peers.


What is Co-Regulation?

Co-Regulation, or Co-Reg, is a shared state of calmness between individuals within which we reframe the other’s behaviour, identify and reduce their stresses, and help them shift from maladaptive to restorative modes of self-regulation.



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Why Join the Co-Reg Community?


Connect, share stories, and learn with Self-Reggers from across the world 


Access our extensive and ever-growing Self-Reg Resource Library


Read and comment on Self-Reg community blogs and forums


Listen to the Calm, Alert & Learning Audiobook by Stuart Shanker and read by Susan Hopkins


Access to Self-Reg Summer Symposium content

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