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Welcome to Thrive Airlines TMC Flight 2022

By Joe Persia

Welcome to TMC Flight 2022.

As we prepare for takeoff into the New Year, Please make sure your personal Self-Reg inclination, and Reframing Lens are secured and locked in the upright position.

Self-control mindsets, and deterministic thinking should be turned off at this time.

We anticipate that there will be turbulence along the way. However, should this instability cause those devices, as well as judgmental thinking to randomly re-engage, please be aware the soft-eyes you acquired on your inaugural Self-Reg journey are available to you, and should be employed at that time.

While personal baggage is always welcome, you are encouraged to continuously monitor your own brain/body connection - stowed neatly in the compartments both between your ears as well as in your G-I Tract.

This will help you to Recognize, Reduce, and Reflect on that gear which may be troublesome on this particular leg of your journey. You can make use of that knowledge & understanding to help yourself Restore your own personal fuel tank in order to ensure you arrive safe and secure at your destination – Calm.

Thank you for flying Thrive Airlines. Made possible by Shanker Self-Reg®

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2 comentários

Daria Brown
Daria Brown
11 de jan. de 2022

This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you.


Aviva Dunsiger
Aviva Dunsiger
10 de jan. de 2022

I love this though. Considering how the pandemic has impacted flight travel, this takes on a whole new meaning. I think that I might return to this post throughout the year to really thinking more about Self-Reg. I wonder if others will do the same.


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