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The Importance of Asking Why  

I had no idea when I first attended SRSS 2017 or signed up for Foundations that simply understanding Self-Reg would quite literally save my life in under a year.


Taking Foundations I could tell I was working an office in the midst of a stress cycle, I chose to invest my energy into noticing and reducing the stressors I could for myself both at work and at home. Had that not been my mindset I probably wouldn’t have pushed my family doctor when some blood work seemed to be bouncing all over with no why.  After waiting months to see a specialist, I may have taken the “magic” pill he wanted to prescribe without running any new tests.  After asking why approximately 20 times in a short initial visit he realized that I wanted to figure out what was causing the issue, not what would mask it.

It is never a good sign when the person who works in the lab reviewing results decides to call you back to have a test rerun “whenever you can get here” before your specialist has even had a chance to call. The next 5-6 weeks are a bit of a haze of being bounced for more tests, specialists, an MRI, a referral to the local cancer centre and surgery. Asking why and why now had meant finding a hidden stress that otherwise would have been missed in the form of a cancerous cyst the size of a 6 inch sub. 

For my own Self-Reg and when working with others, I can’t help but focus beyond the surface behaviour and the quick fix program to ask why and why now.    

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