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Stress? Yes please!

In self-reg, we talk about recognizing and reducing stressors yet there are times in our lives when we choose to add stress to our lives. For me, that includes choosing international travel because the enjoyment I derive from travel outweighs the stressors. My travel stressors include the biological stressors of jet lag and new foods, the cognitive stressors of figuring out different currencies and other languages, the social and prosocial stressors of new cultures and customs as well as meeting new people and new travel companions, and the emotional stressors of being away from my family.

In my vlog, I mentioned travel and half marathon races as two stressors that I intentionally add to my life. What are some stressors that you choose? What are strategies that you use to accommodate these additional stressors?

Note: I filmed this vlog in what I thought was a quiet corner in the departure lounge at Querétaro International Airport. I apologize for the background noise which is going to be a distraction for some viewers.

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