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Neurodiverse: A Poem

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

By: Jennifer Hepditch

What if we stopped trying to cure neurodiversity and instead created Self-Reg safe havens for diverse needs?

Neuroception differences

Environmental triggers (light, noise)

Under/over stimulation take away from homeostasis, drain my energy

Relationship safety cues help regulate him. This includes accepting his neurodiversity not trying to change it. Don't make him sit still or look you in the eye

Open your mind to creative solutions like microenvironments - sometimes tight spaces comfort me, sometimes I need movement, sometimes I need quiet, sometimes a creative outlet

Different does not mean deficient

Introception can be challenging for them. Help them notice what their body feels like when they're calm or when they're starting to get agitated

Verbal, non-verbal, augmentative and alternative communication. These are all valid ways to share a message

Executive function supports are stress reducers for me (eg., visual schedules)

Reframe my meltdowns and impulsivity as signs I'm overstressed

Stress reduction is how she feels safe

Everyone can thrive when we take a Self-Reg approach

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3 comentários

Jennifer Horrocks
Jennifer Horrocks
03 de jun. de 2022

I can’t love this enough

Aviva Dunsiger
Aviva Dunsiger
03 de jun. de 2022
Respondendo a

Me too!


Aviva Dunsiger
Aviva Dunsiger
03 de jun. de 2022

What a fantastic poem! The last line really resonated me, and reminded me that Self-Reg really is for everyone. I think that I'll be returning to this post as a good reminder at times when I might need it most.

I really love how you wrote about neurodiversity, as it's something that my teaching partner, Paula, and I have been talking a lot about this year. How does a Self-Reg approach change our response to neurodiversity? Does it ever align with other approaches, and how might it vary? Your poem highlights so many of the differences here, and I know that we'll be looking at it together.


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