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Less is More

By: Jennie Shering

While watching the video "Confusing Restorative Practices with Coping Strategies" as part of the Self-Reg Learning Facilitator's Program a light bulb turned on for me.

A warm feeling went over my body, and I was truly enlightened. I must be honest and say I have never actually practiced Step 5 for simply what it is. Restoring to restore. I always tried to feel something, like what it feels like to feel calm, or what it should look and feel like. I never truly let my mind go.

This week I have been trying hard to set time aside to just BE! To just feel without thinking and trying. To be effortless in my restoration practice. I have stopped putting in effort to relax so to be speak. Looking back, lighting candles, putting in Epsom salts and turning on music was depleting my energy while preparing for a bath. I was spending energy and being in that high tension/low energy state. Reading, I have also learned while dealing with my current troubles, is also not restorative for me. It was draining what little energy I had in the tank. Bird watching has been my solace. Sitting quietly and observing the sights, sounds, and movements has truly allowed my mind to rest and my body to restore.

To experience the sensations while repairing, refueling, and becoming more self-aware. Less has absolutely become more!

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