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Connecting From A Distance: What IS Possible?

We know that Self-Reg begins with relationships. In the time of COVID, sometimes forming and solidifying these relationships are a lot harder to do. Recently though, an experience outside in the morning taught me about what is possible.

As you can see in the Instagram post below, all it took was a genuine interest in a student, some time for kids from two different grades to connect, and the space to make that happen.

The best part of all is that this same older student reconnected with our kindergartener the next day, when he again needed that quiet connection and the chance to move and socialize in a smaller group.

Even as our young learners are aware of the presence of "big kids" and the need to stay apart, sometimes rules can be gently stretched, while still supporting distancing and cohorting in some way. For this intermediate student, I wonder if a couple of unexpected connections changed a trajectory. Does this make it all worth it? What are your stories of distanced connections, and what was the impact on kids? There is a lot that can't happen with COVID restrictions, but there is also a lot that can. I need to see this positive perspective.


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