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Bringing a Self-Reg lens to Conflict, Protests, and Strikes

Updated: Apr 19

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Lisa Cranston
Lisa Cranston
Feb 19, 2022

Thanks Marie. There have been times over the past two years of the pandemic when I have felt my stress levels rising and it has taken all of the self-reg knowledge I have to find ways to "add to the calm and not to the chaos." The divisions that have been created or exposed during the protests here in Canada, and specifically in my neighbourhood of Windsor and Essex County, may remain after the blockades are removed and even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. It will be an ongoing process to restore calm to our communities.


Hi Marie,

Thank you so much for sharing your vlogs. I really appreciate how you have captured the state of the world today, whether near or far. Your voice is soothing to listen to and that in itself creates calm in my brain!

I have a wonderful yoga instructor who has mentioned the past 2 years of the pandemic as 'the great pause' and how we will need to emerge from our cocoons now. I know this captures only the pandemic and not all other worldly concerns but the phrase is grounding me, tethering me to something solid and safe, and also has me wondering about how we help others to be grounded through Self-Reg. Music can help me whe…

Aviva Dunsiger
Aviva Dunsiger
Feb 18, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for sharing this, Marie! I love this! Music is so interesting to me, as it can be so calming for some and dysregulating for others. I think about this in the classroom context. Some of our kids do better with some quiet music in the background, but one child mentioned to us that he found it “stressful“ as it was too hard to “concentrate with the noise.” We had to play around with where to play the music in the room to make it work for everyone. It’s a good reminder about how personal Self-Reg is.


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