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BOOK CLUB: The Interbrain by Digby Tantam with Teri Rubinoff (Spring 2022)

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Hello everyone,

I'm posting a link to an event being offered by a 'self-regger' in one of our other groups. Permission has been granted to post this here, from the creator of the webinar, our host Teri and TMC.

Based on our discussions regarding the Interbrain, theory of mind and common knowledge; I wondered if this might be a good fit for anyone able to attend. It is titled 'The Five Most Overlooked (and Common) Autistic Stressors'. Take a peek if you get a chance - scheduled for June 28, 2022 and there is no charge to attend.


Ryan Walsh
Nancy Smykaluk


Join us for The Interbrain by Digby Tantam book club host...


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