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BOOK CLUB: The Interbrain by Digby Tantam with Teri Rubinoff (Spring 2022)

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A friend of mine sent me this article: "As an educator who has worked with neurodivergent students for years, Martin says he clearly sees how autism and poetry overlap. He learned the term "languaging" from Wolfond, which uses the collaboration between people, and between different mediums of communication, as its basis. Wolfond explains "languaging" as "an event in which the body and the atmosphere are related." I wonder if it complicates Tantum's views at all. I think one thing I'm struggling with is his conception of self as being generated through narrative potential arising from theory-of-mind and then theory-of-mind relying solely on language to develop. Maybe this is my misconception of his position. But this article suggests a much more connected possibility of self, other, communication and environment than I see in Tantum's dualistic approach. The story seems much more complex and more holistic to me. There is much more overlap between mind and body, and self and other than Tantum appears to be crediting at the moment.

Teri Rubinoff


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