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BOOK CLUB: The Interbrain by Digby Tantam with Teri Rubinoff (Spring 2022)

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Liz Shepherd
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Wrap up of Chapter 7 with Teri Rubinoff

Thank you so much @Teri Rubinoff for running this wonderful book club and to all of our members for joining us! The Interbrain connections developed over these weeks were so apparent in the last zoom chat, much to the contrary of Tantam's argument that they can't be formed online.

Feel free to share your questions for Stuart in the comments of my post below.

We also would love to have you join us next week at our summer symposium, SRSS. For more info:

Teri Rubinoff
Ryan Walsh
Vicki Parnell


Join us for The Interbrain by Digby Tantam book club host...


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