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BOOK CLUB: The Interbrain by Digby Tantam with Teri Rubinoff (Spring 2022)

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Join us for The Interbrain by Digby Tantam book club hosted by Teri Rubinoff starting March 24, 2022.

Thursdays from 4:30pm EST, Teri will host a live (and free!) Zoom chat to dive deeper and discuss your 'ah ha's from the week's chapter. These sessions won't be recorded but a summary video will be posted soon after for those who weren't able to attend the live chat, but would like to engage in the online text-based discussions in the online portion of the book club.

You can purchase a copy of the book here.

Meet Teri

Teri Rubinoff, PhD, is a Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator here at The MEHRIT Centre. She also supports educators through her role as the Programming and Research Coordinator at The Mentoree. With over twenty years of experience, Teri has been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, literacy teacher, and special education consultant (K-12). She has also been a university lecturer in the areas of early childhood and disability studies. Her PhD research focused on using a critical disability studies approach in teacher education programs to prepare educators to work with students with disabilities. Teri is a passionate Self-Regger who has completed The MEHRIT Centre’s Early Childhood Development, Foundations and Facilitator’s Programs. She is looking forward to delving into Digby Tantam's, The Interbrain: How Unconscious Connections Influence Human Behaviour and Relationships alongside all of you!

Why This Book? Why Now?

Self-Reg is grown and lives within relationships. These relationships are built through connections. Sometimes these connections are obvious. Sometimes they are built through unconscious limbic communication. This unconscious limbic communication happens through the interbrain.

Digby Tantam explores the ground-breaking theory of the interbrain, the idea that human beings are endlessly connected by a continuous interplay of non-verbal communication of which we are unaware. Considering social smiles and the way emotions can spread from one person to another, he explores the research that shows how our brains are linked and draws out the implications of the interbrain for our understanding of empathy, social communication, psychology and group behaviour (Tantum, 2019, back cover).


Thursdays at 4:30pm EST

Zoom links will soon be added under the tab 'Live Sessions - Zoom Links'

  • Chapter 1 - March 24th

  • Chapter 2 - April 7th

  • Chapter 3 - April 28th

  • Chapter 4 - May 12th

  • Chapter 5 - May 26th

  • Chapter 6 - June 9th

  • Chapter 7 - June 23rd

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Join us for The Interbrain by Digby Tantam book club host...


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