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BOOK CLUB: Restorative Embodiment & Resilience by Alan Fogel with Susan Hopkins (Fall 2021/22)

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Hi everyone, it was great being part of the Zoom chat today about all the amazing information in Chapter 3!

During the last break-out group, I was asked about the resource I mentioned in the larger group discussion.

This is an article by Edward Hallowell about the DMN and ADHD. The article mentions how it can be helpful to shift out of ruminative DMN thinking by focusing on something like breathing (or something else), to help with shifting back to TPN.

Looking forward to connecting again in January! Krista

Teri Rubinoff
Laura Cesaroni
Ryan Walsh
Marilyn Barros
Jan 13, 2022

Hi Krista, thank you for sharing this, it is a fascinating article. I hope we get a chance to discuss further!

See you Jan 20th!



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