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BOOK CLUB: Restorative Embodiment & Resilience by Alan Fogel with Susan Hopkins (Fall 2021/22)

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This is an interesting article about the benefits of seeking feelings of awe. Awe: The 'little earthquake' that could free your mind

Brianne  Lisinski
Ryan Walsh
Marilyn Barros
13. tammik. 2022

Hi Teri,

Thanks for sharing this article, it was a good read and so true from my experiences. I have several stories regarding awe but the one that comes to mind is when my son was little, he had been on an outdoor overnight event with the cub scouts, star gazing and such. He came home and said: " it's these times that I feel so small and insignificant.' He was only about 6 at the time and he had discovered this sense of awe in nature. From my experiences when travelling to the Rocky Mountains or a beautiful lake, waterfall, etc it really does cause me to pause, for longer than any other pause I would typically take.

The poet/writer, Richard Wagamese has a lovely little poem in one of his books, Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations about being awed - it references being odd or awed - it's well worth a read, suggested to me by a Self-Regger friend, Susan C.




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